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Premium Hera 3 is made of one piece of non-toxic thermoplastic elastomer. She willingly lies on a base with backrest. This masturbator has a total length of 40 cm, it is 28 cm wide and 22 cm high. Its total weight is 6.2 kg.

Hera Premium 3 is one of the heaviest products at our offer. The internal vaginal and anal structures is curved with realistic texturing to create the ultimate realistic stimulation. The mouth structure is a series of ribs leading to nubs in the "throat" section and back to ribs for more stimulation. The  Premium Hera 3  is made with a material that is firmer and slightly harder compared to Japanese masturbators. The color may be a different shade than the picture depending on the batch.

The oral and vaginal holes are through-hole structuring and easy to clean because you can continually flush everything out with water. The anal hole is a closed-hole design which adds vacuum suction to the product but will make it harder to clean. The legs have an internal structure that allows you to bend the legs and have it hold for better use position.









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