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Kourin (Pure Hip) Masturbator



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The first hip with both a realistic interior and a through-hole system for easy cleaning. Kourin is finally available in Europe. This hip is also known as Pure Hip.

The internal structure is curved with realistic textures to create the ultimate realistic stimulation. Similar to the Extreme Pleasure Hip, it has both vaginal and anal tunnels offering realistic yet varying experience.

For those who felt Extreme Hip was too jiggly, Pure Hip is made with a different material that is firmer and a little harder. The color has also been upgraded from the old  Pure Hip to be much more realistic. Color will be darker than the picture depending on the batch.

The newest feature of the Pure Hip is that it is a through-hole Hip. Cleaning is easier because you can now continually flush everything out.

 Kourin has length of 24 cm and a width of 25 cm. Max height approximately 16 cm.  Weight: 4.5 kg. Material: Nontoxic Thermo Plastic Rubber.




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